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African American Review is a scholarly aggregation of insightful essays on African American literature, theatre, film, the visual arts, and culture; interviews; poetry; fiction; and book reviews. Published quarterly, AAR has featured renowned writers and cultural critics including Trudier Harris, Arnold Rampersad, Hortense Spillers, Amiri Baraka, Cyrus Cassells, Rita Dove, Charles Johnson, Cheryl Wall, and Toni Morrison. The official publication of LLC African American of the Modern Language Association, AAR fosters a vigorous conversation among writers and scholars in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Editorial Board

Nathan L. Grant, Editor
Aileen M. Keenan, Managing Editor
Paul Devlin, Book Review Editor

Executive Board

Associate & Advisory Editors

Associate Editors

Houston A. Baker, Jr.
Keith Byerman
Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Executive Board

(term 2021-2023)

Rich Blint
Barbara Clare Foley
Eric Gardner
Alan Nadel
Samantha N. Pinto
Rebecca Wanzo
Dana A. Williams

Member Advisors

William L. Andrews Manthia Diawara Abdul JanMohamed Sw. Anand Prahlad
Michael Awkward Michele Elam Ketu Katrak Arnold Rampersad
Herman Beavers Frances Smith Foster David Krasner Sandra Richards
Bernard W. Bell Robert E. Fox Missy D. Kubitschek Terry Rowden
Joanne M. Braxton William Gleason Deborah E. McDowell Valerie A. Smith
Robert James Butler Farah Jasmine Griffin Reginald McKnight Miriam Thaggert
John F. Callahan William J. Harris E. Ethelbert Miller Joe Weixlmann
Daryl Dance Karla F. C. Holloway R. Baxter Miller Richard Yarborough
Thadious M. Davis Dolan Hubbard Joycelyn Moody
Alice Deck Sterling Plumpp



African American Review is published each Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter by Johns Hopkins University Press. Individual and institutional subscriptions are available.

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Authors must submit all manuscripts electronically via Manuscript FastTrack. AAR is open for submissions from
September 15 to May 1.
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